Teen Sequins Competition

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 3.07.04 PMSince our initial feature in 2015, we have had the privilege of reading over 200 poems from teenagers across the globe, as far-reaching as India, Singapore, and New Zealand. This year, we are making a special effort to reach out to schools in the U.S., to make sure that students in every state and every type of school are made aware of this opportunity.

The mission of our project is to celebrate the unique voices of teenagers by providing a platform for their work to be recognized and embraced by a literary community beyond the classroom. Participation in Teen Sequins is a distinction that any teen could happily include in a college or summer program application as evidence of their ambition, independence, and unique talent.

The Teen Sequins<http://www.giganticsequins.com/teen-sequins.html> feature takes place on the Gigantic Sequins<http://giganticsequins.com/> blog over the course of a week in August. Each day, a single poem representing an age group is spot-lit, alongside an introduction from the Teen Sequins editors. All submitting writers not featured are publicly given the distinction of honorable mention.

The final deadline for submissions is July 20th, 2017.

Teen Sequins is an annual celebration of poetry written by teenagers! Every year in August, the national literary magazine Gigantic Sequins features a single poet over the course of a week, starting with age thirteen and ending the week with age nineteen.
Our goal is to show the world what we know: just exactly how vibrant, inventive, and moving teenage writers can be. Your voice deserves to be heard!
Submission Guidelines: 1. Send 2-3 poems, grouped in a single document, to teensequins@gmail.com, in a .docx or .doc format. Please do not paste poems in the body of your email.
2. In the body of your email, list your age, your email address, the name of your school and city, and a brief biography (any personal information of your choosing, up to 100 words).
Want to know more? Visit http://www.giganticsequins.com/teen-sequins.html to explore what we’re all about, and read our past features!

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