One City Stories

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Check out this awesome summer opportunity:

St. Louis has long established itself as a segmented city of neighborhoods used to define the identity of its residents. These neighborhoods feed into local school districts and as a result young people often grow up only really knowing St. Louis within these invisible borders.

The Gateway Writing Project (GWP) believes it is imperative to bring these young people together in order to disrupt this cycle. In launching Onecity Stories, we seek to connect students from across our city and support them in sharing their unique perspectives and experiences.

We know they are passionate, creative, and have the drive to make positive change in our community if given the opportunity. GWP will provide them with the tools–the pen, the microphone, the camera, the stage, the inspiration, and the space–to shape the future of St. Louis.

Please share this exciting opportunity with the young writers you know (grades 9-12). Onecity Stories program participants will create and publish multimedia projects with the support of professionals in the journalism, film, and radio broadcasting fields, as well as build relationships with a community of fellow writers. Visit for more information and application materials.


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