More English II Sonnets!


Mario Harris

Inner love, devoured by doubt, empty.
A light powered by people’s words.
Chosen to change your flaws and standouts.
Overdosed by society HERDS!!!!!

Selling yourself to fit in to cover pain.
Gay never being accepted…but why?
Instead of overcoming, you work.

Looking into the mirror crying “BUT WHY’!
Kept inside a cage by doubt and fear.
“Never being loved” is what you hear.
Hoping someone will come to catch your tears.

But loving these flaws, show I love myself.
Loving these flaws is better than wealth.


Jynese King

The thought of you makes me think of the future.
That soft feeling I get when your name is mentioned.
My heart? The victim. Your love? The abuser.
This love feels like another dimension.

Our connections on a different level.
Our mindset is almost the exact same.
Feels like I’m the winner and I’ve won a medal.
In this love I have no worries or even shame.

The pain fades as soon as I hear your voice.
I hope to spend my whole lifetime with you.
Stuck in this love like I have no other choice.
Good or bad i’m always here for you too.

You are my love, no one can change that.
You are my girl and that’s always a fact.


Roberto Stone

Getting called to the school because you were bad
Yelling at your mom cause you were upset
But you being in trouble makes it worse
The Care you had was not for your pets.

Waking up late I rush you to school
You wake up and get out of bed slow
Race out of the car to friends to be cool
Expensive hospital bill for stubbed toe.

It was hard putting you through college
Upset to have to get you out of jail
It was hard to see your new gained knowledge
I would rather pay than see you fail

Although you’ve caused me a lot of trouble
To see my son graduate know I love you.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.43.00 PM

By Aliena Yost

Handsome, eye shocking, so memorable!
Simple but perfect, but diff’rent, but there.
Our separation, unavoidable.
Once in a lifetime; my love is so rare.

Your  only memories are in my mind.
Sweet memories I don’t want to forget.
My love now is clear, before I was blind.
My heart is not ready to move on yet.

You like women’s hair that branches and curls.
The way you hold her in your arms, so sweet.
The way I see you with that girl, her pearls.
You two laugh on the same pulse, beat by beat.

To me  you unlock my heart from it’s cage.
To you I’m a ghost you’ll never engage.


Lacey Swanson

Volleyball is my very favorite sport,
I bump, set and spike to earn a big win.
I’m my happiest when I’m on the court.
Number twenty-four is my lucky fin!

My team is like a gigantic family,
We all work together to take no loss.
My heart pounds so very rapidly,
Feeling of goosebumps makes the ball easily cross.

My mom says no more playing volleyball,
Because my ankles are always hurting.
But I just want to play ball that’s all,
And I’m so ready to be in healing.

When I play volleyball it is all fun,
And the best thing is I don’t have to run!


Mardell Frost

Oh, how I love her beautiful glimmer,
Took a picture and placed it in a file
Perhaps you could’ve left a shimmer
You made everything worthwhile….

Oh, how incredible you were, a strong woman
The sunshine you would bring into my life
And when you left my whole light blackened
If god could’ve given me one more nite.

My perfect square face so irregular,
Better than any other you’ve ever had
You love to dress me up mostly in fur
When you took it off oh how it made me so sad.

If some didn’t know I am a Iphone
She upgraded me just to get a clone.


Just a Craving
Ray Lela Wilson

Know our love must be like a phantom.
We’re an idea, but nay physically there.
We are everyone’s forbidden anthem.
This is the dark, but alluring night’s stare.

Really, I crave for the complications.
Yes, I know to touch, but not feel.
Love’s complications bring dedication.
Distance between our love is to kill.

Tell me that you would simply by for me.
Would you bring my cravings to life lover?
Chance of negligence of delinquency
Never this read it’s already over.

But this fantasy nothing but a dream
In reality beautiful it seems.


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