English II Sonnets

Check out the following sonnets from English II:


Halley Stein

Through the rehearsals we’ve had together
And starting from a little five-year old
You’ve been protecting me like a mother
There was never a moment I was cold.

You’ve giv’n me a home full of memories
You have been my treasure with purity
Now I have so many special stories
That I can tell with such clarity.

You’ve done countless things for me through my life
Taught me lessons that cannot turn to dust
You have taught to me diligence and strife
And there is nothing I adjust.

And though I may wander to something new
But Dance, I will always belong to you.


Dear Star
Mariama Adero

I’ve never loved something so much in life,
So little body, yet such a big heart
Your immense energy never brought strife,
Although, the fear of a bath made you fart.

We’re real different, but you’re my other half
When I cry, you cry, and that’s vice versa
Yet after all that you still make me laugh
Running fast around like an impala.

Yo, I wish you were here right about now
Man I can’t believe you left me so fast
With your mixed colors, kind of like a cow
This is true, my love will forever last.

My feelings right now, man I miss you Star
Running on your dog paws up there so far.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.43.00 PM

Love Is An Idea
Jocelin Berra

Love, you’re not perfection nor my ideal fate.
You’re something that is twisted in my mind
With the constant thoughts of any risk I’ll take,
Yet my mind wonders about you; until you unbind.

People are sure to say, you’re Beautiful
But I truly believe that is a fable.
Yet may I be somewhat like any fool
And fall for one of your beautiful labels.

Yes, I am a fool for your amazing stunt
And your warm comforting flame in my heart.
But I have no pleasure in your heart hunt
Therefore I am the victim that’s torn apart.

Even though love, you torn me apart still
I fall for you and you keep my heart filled.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.44.20 PM

My Love
Arrius Blue

Oh, how my true love is not of this earth.
My love is kind, patient, and forgiving.
My love always reminds me of what I’m worth.
Oh-Oh, how my love is forever charming.

Oh, I’m in love, I sacrificed my life.
He’s given me mercy more than I can bear
How my love promised me an afterlife
My love is so rare, no one can compare.

Oh, how I left my love; I broke his heart.
I betrayed my love for hurt and pain.
Oh, I pleaded, please give me a fresh start.
Oh how my love for you has never changed.

I thank God for everything you’ve done.
And I will help you win souls one by one.


MaLiyah McGruder

You come to life whenever it’s bedtime
Your mood is either one or two or three
I only like to use you in night time
Flat and distant always staring at me.

The time I’m with you is like no other
You can come at me either hot or cold
Clung to you like a child to their mother
Just know to me you will never get old.

Heart like a cord no power without it
While I look at you with petals and lines
If I find the right spot you can’t doubt it
While you blow with many winds in my eyes.

Dear, Fan you help me sleep so well at night
You always find ways for it to feel right.


Qineya Dunlap

You’re so greasy and fat and delicious.
I can take all eight. I might get it late.
When you’re down my throat, you’re so vicious.
You’re so good and really worth the wait.

You could give me ulcers, and that’s not really good.
You keep me warm and toasty. You are so hot.
You are the best and you’re from the hood.
I’m never gonna cheat on you, will not.

I eat you too much. My stomachs gonna rust.
After a while you taste like trash.
I can’t go without, you are like a must.
You are covered in spots like a robot.

You are selfish and keep me all to yourself.
I don’t share. I want you all to myself.


Lillian Selligman

The darkness in this world can be scary.
Their dogs and barbed wire guard mistakes.
We view them through biases we carry
But hatred conquers all paths we take.

It hangs over us as we wander,
A simple idea shrouded in mist.
They cling to us as we look in wonder,
For there is a universe they have missed.

But the unease we feel is drained from us
And faces we remember reappear.
The vast horrors we have watched we discuss,
They are dangers we face for being queer.

Live on! We beg you imagination!
Pass and we’ll meet our conflagration.


Nila Wright

I can’t help but love your nectarous taste
I want to devour you now everyday
I crave your sweet juices without it i’m displaced
I will admit I want you in my face

If I stuff my face of you I’ll feel better
I  savor your taste so I eat you very slow
I know I’m wrong it’s a guilty pleasure
Should you really taste this good my taste buds say so

You taste like delicious strawberries
One of my favorite freaking flavor
Sometimes you even taste like blue raspberries
Yes indeed this taste you also favor

You are the best freaking pack of fruit gushers
So so  freaking good and like no other.


Cold and Shine
Lainey Jester

I must love her and I must love him most.
His warm sun shine won’t won’t create a monsoon.
I must love him and I must love her most.
She’s calm, so cold, an anchor called the moon.

Yin Yang works too well to describe their love.
Her anchor dug too far into his crust.
He was a ass and she was a foxglove.
Born of hostility, they had no trust.

But I am earth between the moon and sun.
The stress of gravity pulls us apart.
They can’t leave me. I will become undone.
I pull them in tightly, so they don’t fall.

Having to pick the parent I love more.
The pain of this choice I cannot endure.


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