Two Free-Writes, 1/9

Monday, January 9th, GCAA Creative Writing followed these instructions:

Please choose one of the following prompts and write for ten minutes. If you finish before ten minutes is up, move on to the second prompt.

  1. Elmore Leonard famously advised not to start a novel with a description of the weather. Break that rule and write about today’s weather.
  1. Describe a memorable person you met just once and will likely never see again.

Here are two responses, selected by teacher aide Khari LeeSlater:


One cold yet sunny day, the leaves whirled around in circles in the midst of the harsh wind smacking any object in its way. Only animals out were birds and squirrels. The light snow finally almost non existing.

Dajsha Brown


Memorable person I met was Cymphonique, Master P’s daughter. I was stepping and she had an opportunity to see me. It was amazing to meet a beautiful, hard worker. I wanted to be just like her back then. Cymphonique did everything I had my mind set on doing. She made music, danced, acted and etc. Just amazing!!! I knew I’d never forget how well put together she was. I couldn’t believe it.  Could barely talk when I asked her for a picture. One thing I’ll never forget she said to me was  “You’re going to be amazing.”  I lit up! My mom had to snap me out of the moment, I loved that day. It made me really confident since then.

Chastity Smith


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