Found Poem: Why Do We Write?


In her essay, “Fail Better,” Zadie Smith says, “The very reason I write is so that I might not sleepwalk through my entire life.” Why do you write? What does it do for you?

This week GCAA Creative Writing responded to this question by free-writing for ten minutes. Here are some of their thoughts assembled in a found poem:

Why Do I Write?

I write because that’s my right.

I write because my pencil
and paper
are great listeners.

(I’m writing now as a requirement)

I write
to get something out that I don’t
no one else to keep.

I write because
I can filter out what I want.
And say and do what I want.

I have a weakness for words of any kind.
Words and I get along.

Like I just found that abode is a home.
(Just by doing my sister’s homework because
she was doing my hair)

(It takes a lot of energy to write neat because it slows my thoughts down)

This is me
Trying to write

It’s much better
But also
Much Much

Writing gives me the power.

My teachers always got
with me writing in the middle of class but I didn’t care I just keep writing


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