A Poem A Day

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I’m Not Her

I can look like her, but I’m not her.
We can have the same blood, but we are not the same.
I see inside your soul — you want to heal me but you can’t.
I want to be your healer but I can’t.
My love for you was strong.
You damaged my soul and heart.
Dealing with you is like me starting over…
I want to make friends off of happiness not hate.
I try to numb my pain.
I try to hold my head high.
When I look in the mirror I see you.
I was suppose to be your first girl.
But for you to not understand why I fell… with hate.
I cry myself to sleep every night.
I thought you would understand.
I know you’re not perfect and I love you for it.
You made me strong.
You made me hateful.
I try to write down my pain, but you will never see it.

— Mencia Haymon


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