A Poem A Day

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Another one,
Before time the head of blacks were worth more than a car,
Can they really just kill who we are?
Didn’t go to school to learn obeying the white man is law.
Evidently we were given back our “freedom.”
For what? We are still enslaved and
Got our ancestors hung but never
have I ever heard them congratulate us.
I recall us shaping the world to be nothing but
Just right, but then they were helping us to take it away.
Killing another day by day.
Laying on the ground, “Hands up don’t shoot.”
Momma crying her baby ain’t got the loot.
No more people close to my heart I need gone.
Opened up my heart to see the good dying is wrong.
Police killing us for the color of our skin.
Quietly the government is in their favor so we never win but,
Respect our father and know you’re committing two sins,
Slightly pulling the trigger and judging one for their appearance,
Troubled they will be but right now that’s what we are I forget,
Universe ain’t big enough for a white man’s ego or laws.
Very so much, we helped them build.
We helped so much we became longer than a
Xylophone, but we can’t help who we are
You see crazy savages, we see savage stars now
Zip your mouth and be quiet, I had a dream and woke up cuz it’s too silent.



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