A Poem A Day

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.44.04 PM


“Anemic,” they say, “that’s what she is,” to the brittle girl who stares at her
Barbie every night and yearns to have those slender hips that shapely
Chest. No matter how far her ribs protrude her minds screams
DISGUSTING whenever she sees herself in the mirror, gaze
Edged with hopelessness and self-loathing. She is a walking arrangement of
Frail bones, malnourished down to the very marrow. Never
Given a break from the derisive laughing and mocking,
Heckled at every turn, fingers poking rudely at her
‘Inadequate’ body, which never seems to be up to par.

“Just look at that ass,” Pigs jeer as a girl walks by, disgust
Knifing deep into her gut as she curses her curves and
Looks at the ground in submissive silence. Wishing she could walk down the road without being
Molested by men who throw revolting remarks her way because they have
Nothing better to do with their lives. So gripped by the fear
Of rape that she wraps herself in sweaters to muffle her body while males
Proudly flaunt their bare chests and issue suggestive
Quips that flatten women into paper that they then can
Rip or pin to a corkboard.

Sickening and sexy, disgusting and delicate;
These are the molds in which women are entombed, always too
Ugly or too pretty for their own good. It’s time for the
Veil to be clipped away and for men to bite their tongues.
Women, rise up and own your body, own your mind, as bright and iridescent as an
X-ray. Inflate with pride like wind beneath a kite, because
You are BEAUTIFUL. You, the
Zealous who swim upstream despite the bears snapping at every turn, are the true Queens of the world.


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