A Poem A Day



Haunted by my past I still learn from
my youth
Haunted by my past yes haunted by
the truth

Strange stares yes they’re there
but they don’t come from home nor when
I’m alone
The strange stares come from strange people
Not because you are strange but because
you are strange but because you’re a

I don’t know you
and you sure as hell don’t know me
but you still look at me as if you
know I’m guilty
And they come from everywhere no one
cares and I’m aware… not cause
anything I did but because the color of my
skin and the texture of my hair…

When they see me… the looks!
Oh the looks!
Looks like she’s bad.
Looks like she’s mad.
No! Sad!
Because it feels to me as if I’m a different breed
but I have the same wants and the same
needs as every other human being…

And you know I’m the enemy
So you won’t dare become a friend of me
Therefore you judge and mistreat everyone
that’s kin to me or has the same skin as
Because all you whites know is that
black is just another sin to be
But that’s ok.
Cause I’m just asking for a chance
for you to take a second glance
Try and really enhance
See that my “type” We have plans
and our brains are advanced
Therefore we will demand
that you listen…

For you to listen is all I’m asking
And not let our past ring.

Can we move on from that
cause we’re stronger than that
We are young gifted and yes we are black
And like Nina said that’s where it’s at.


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