A Poem A Day

GCAA’s high school creative writing classes just held their first poetry slams. We got a chance to not only read, but hear each other’s work read in our own voices, and support each other publicly with specific, constructive feedback. We also experienced the sense of power and vulnerability that comes with publicly reading pieces of our own writing. To share a bit of our poetry slam with you, here is the first poem of the day for the coming weeks.


My Beautiful Black Mother 

She wakes up with restless face
She has skin that glows like the light from the moon
My mother is a powerful women with a strong heart and mind that’s build with knowledge
But she didn’t attend college

I love my mother she is a gift from the world
She breaks her back to make sure her children make it
Her personality is amazing sometimes she drives me crazy
My mother is a awesome lady she like a
blooming daisy
My mom been through a lot but that didn’t make her stop she always reach the top
My mom is my inspiration she my motivation
My mom love is the fuel that enables a human to do the impossible
My mother is emotionally and spiritually the best woman I know
That been through a lot the love of her life was taken from her
But some how she works and fights to keep things together
My mother is my black queen a goddess
She survived what she thought was going to kill her

I crown my black mother

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