Rhyming Couplets

Check out the latest poetry from GCAA’s middle school:

Rhyming Stanza Poem
I Hate Feelings
I don’t know how to say this; I don’t know how to feel
But every time I look at you, I can’t tell if this is real

You look at me, I look at you
Things just got awkward, so I panic with nothing to do
I can’t think of what to say
And the bell rings, it’s the end of the day
I know you’re not the lovey type
And I know you don’t think of me at night
This is why I hate feelings, I don’t know what to do
I don’t know if I’m lying, but I think i’m in love with you?
 — Laurencia Meyers
Rhyming Stanza Poem
Broken Heart

She’s been through a lot but she doesn’t really cry
Always worried about other people asking them if they’re alright
She’s so messed up she doesn’t know what to do
She tires oh so hard to play it cool
People take  her heart and stomp all over it
And half the people that she talks to don’t even notice
She has so many scars that can’t be healed
No one knows how she feels
All she needs is some attention
It is something that she was never given
People ask her if she’s OK
She tells them she’s fine and asks about their day
She’s taken for granted and it’s so sad
And the stuff that they do hurts so bad
She tries so hard not to cry
No one knows she’s dying inside
— Damara Batteast
Rhyming Stanza Poem
Mixed Feelings
One day you act like you care
But when I need you, you are not there

I see the anger in your face
So I give you some space

I see the hate in your eyes
Like you want to commit suicide

You don’t tell me what’s wrong because I won’t understand
But I’m sitting here telling you that I can

You’re always calling to call me boo
And I think I’m falling in love with you

You weren’t there to catch me
Because you act like you can’t see

The feelings I have for you
That came in so smooth

But you’re always here and there
I can’t see your feelings anywhere

— Aailyah Njeri

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