Three Narrative Poems

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With our work on narrative poetry, we continued to focus on the building blocks of poetry: words, turns, images, and lines. However, this time, in contrast to lyric poetry, we told stories and crafted characters. Here are just three of our poems, building off the work of previous semesters:



Here I am
Waiting to take your breath away
As I lay here in a sky full of diamonds …
My thoughts are astray but your love is still shining

Then I see my dream fall
The impact, it breaks … It does
Shatters actually, into a thousand tiny pieces..
All hope..gone
All the small bundle of hope I had left, was now laid across the pavement In front of my eyes

Trying to pick up the remainder ? Impossible
Now facing my life as an obstacle, and although I’m blinded the truth remains optical
Still Remembering every moment is optional
But I could never walk away cause you’re my optimal..
My most desirable sensation possible..
Under a restriction expressed and implied.

You’ve got me in conviction, now I’m convicted,
And now convinced that the conventional feelings that were once inflicted
Are yet to be existent ..

And every moment did I mention? Was yet to be intended only under construction and pretended and in reality never real .
And all the thoughts that I could feel we’re now to be surreal
And that’s real…



Too fast for my own good
Racing older guys from other neighborhoods
Their tall slim figures hovering above my small frame
No doubt that they all were bigger
Cursed swim coach purposely put me here
When they say my name
The cheering halts slightly putting me into shame
My head down confidence suffocated
Funny how I’m so easily intimidated
Eliminated are my feelings as i climb the diving block
Seeing it as a high mountain top
That’s when time stop
Sounds flops
Until the pop
Which is more of a buzz
No suds in this bath
Water sounds more like crashes
As my arms hit causing splashes
My sight flashes
Thinking I’m moving slow
Needing to make many passes
Moving the fastest
That i can wanting to beat the man
For i am the only girl
The diamond in a bowl of pearls
I’m like a snake slicing through water
Or maybe like an eel or outer
But i touch the wall for no doubt
To me it feels like my time ran out
The crowd is silent
All with wide wild eyes
Later when they started cheering was when i realized
I had won the race to my suprise
Against the guys
No lies
I got out with a smile on my face
And the guys i thought would later resent me
Actually came to each give me a friendly embrace



His sword was raised in heavy grip
She, small, withstood the mighty blade
And raised her own in countenance
As he with slow and oafish strokes
Did drop his weapon forward.
Over, slowly swiping blow
She took his shoulder, jumped, and flew
Bringing up a keen small sting
To prick between his shoulderblades
He bellowed with resounding crash
And drew his sword across the rocks
Screeching through the wicked air,
Hot and wet with warrior’s sweat.
The giant shook the little maid
Who bravely held her leather ground,
And took her sword up once again,
Though smaller than the ogres blade,
And drew it ‘cross his barren neck
The monster crying as he fell
For death and vengeance on his foe.
Yet as the ground did hurry up
The maid still clung to falling Gog
And pushed up from the heaving back
And greasy hair
Reaching out with weary arm
She took a rock in passing.

Her grip was slick from battling
And fingers gloved gripped cold, rough, rock.
The giant fell with mighty crash
The ground shook
And the maid clung on! She clambered up
The steep stark slope
And raised her blade in victory
The sun shone brightly off the red
That dripped from rock, and sword, and maid
And set in blood red harmony


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