Writing Reference List

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As the year winds down, here are some reference books and websites to use going forward for the future, independent writing endeavors of GCAA students:

General Resources About Writing

Becoming A Writer, Dorothea Brande

Escaping into the Open: The Art of Writing True, Elizabeth Berg

The Writing Life, Annie Dillard


Soul Food Café 

Aha! 10 Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit and Find Your Great Ideas, Jordan E. Ayan

750 Words

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs [awpwriter.org]

Books/Websites for Freelance Writing

Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Reviews, Memoir, and More, Dianne Jacob



How to Become a Full-Time Freelance Writer: A Practical Guide to Setting Up a Successful Writing Business at Home, Michael A. Banks

Websites for Contests & Submissions




Poets & Writers

Resources for Fiction Writing

On Writing the Short Story, Hallie Southgate Burnett

Turning Life into Fiction, Robin Hemley

Revising Fiction: A Handbook for Writers, David Madden

Architecture of the Novel: A Writer’s Handbook, Jane Vandenburgh

The Art and Craft of Storytelling, Nancy Lamb

National Novel Writing Month 

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Write a Better Novel

Six Sentences

Resources for Writing Poetry

The Practice of Poetry: Writing Exercises from Poets Who Teach, Robert Behn and Chase Twitchell

A Poetry Handbook, Mary Oliver

Poetry Daily 

Poetry Foundation 

Resources for Creative Nonfiction


Creative Nonfiction

Write Nonfiction in November 

Resources for Playwriting

BAFTA Screenwriters On Screenwriting 

BBC Writersroom 

Script Magazine

Resources for Children’s Books & Graphic Novels

The Writer’s Guide to Crafting Stories for Children, Nancy Lamb

99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style, Matt Madden


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