What Defines Creative Writing?


“Art is sensory experience, and creative writing – the making of art objects using language- appeals  first to that  sensory experience.”

” Your stories ….. come out best when you re-experience the original sensations as you retell. You transport yourself into the scene you are trying to recreate.”



Picture2“The primary goal of creative writing is to create and link images- real, live moving images – in your readers minds eye.”



A Writing Exercise to Practice Imagery

  • Generate ideas from personal experience
  • Create a list of moving images
  • What’s the most recent little movie of yourself you can see
  • Capture real images that show you in action
  • Make a list of 25 images working backwards in your life


25. Roosevelt Stop

Hunched shoulders, face down, walking briskly from work to the el. A man stops me, hands me a red rose, proffers, “Have a beautiful day.” He’s not flirtatious, he’s kind. I take the rose, smile. “Thanks.” I keep walking and later report the encounter on Facebook. (I can’t resist).

24. A Day in Marseilles

Study abroad in Arles, France, Provence. Mark, Kacie, and I take a weekend trip to the Mediterranean port city of Marseilles. Lots of women in Hijabs. Big buckets of stinky fish near the harbor. A gay pride parade blasting through the streets. We cool off in the center of a tall cathedral.

— Quotes from The Practice of Creative Writing, A Guide for Students Second Edition, by Heather Sellers.


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