Principle of Insight

fire cracker“Insight are very much your specific observations about how and why people behave as they do, why the world is the way it is. Insights add up to wisdom.” (Sellers, Heather. The Practice of Creative Writing)


Why do we read? What is the point, in your own point?

“To gain intelligence.” – A.P

“We read to collect knowledge. To understand what the writer wants to express” C.W.

“We read because it’s a tool to use to communicate, memorize, and further everything in terms of intelligence in life.” – H.H

“I read to find cool new scenes to act, and to build my vocabulary and articulate. Also to learn, and even to read something beautiful.” – D.S

“We read to expand our knowledge and minds to become better writers” – A.P


What insights into human nature does your autobiographical one act offer?

“It offers insight into the different way humans interact with each other. Communication is the key to any relationship. My play uses specific examples of effective communication.” – A.P.

“My autobiographical one act kind of explains why some people in emotionally abusive relationships stay with the abuser regardless on if they love them or not” – A.P.

“Basically when strangers come across another stranger. They feel ether superior or maybe inferior in terms of intelligence. Like when adults are talking to kids they would fell smarter than them because their kids are still learning. Or maybe when an adult insults a kid calling him or her stupid, the kid would take that insult and think he/she  is smarter then the adult because the kid does not think he/she is stupid.” – H.H.

“A see-saw type conversation that people often have. It goes one way, then the other, before they can balance and come to an agreement.” – D.S.

“Offering that you need to understand how the world is not perfect and we need to be ok with that. All the bad in the world is there for a reason. The reason is that we need  to have bad to know that there is good.” – C.W.


How do you think writers make their pieces thoughtful? What sorts of strategies do they use? 

” 1. Frequent scene changes

2. Character switching

3. Varying tension levels”

– A.P.

“They’re honest, because everyone’s honest experiences is helpful to someone” – D.S.

“Writers try to surprise their readers. Use a lot of facade to make it interesting and making the reader want to read more” – C.W.

“Writers make work out of perspective and opinions on life and what they experience. Sometimes those experiences are portrayed like trade marks in their books.” – H.H



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