Short Stories

short storiesStudents were asked to pick out their favorite scene(s) from a partner’s short story, then asked to summarize the story in one paragraph.

“In Tony’s story a girl named Liscenda is being yelled at because she is purposely ignoring her mom while her mother was trying to find out where her son was. She told her that she had no idea. Several seconds later her bother walks in quiet, apologies, then leaves, which isn’t normal. Liscenda goes to check up on him, he’s sitting on the stairs looking stressed. As she walks up to him she passes a hole in the wall which brings her back to a flashback to when her father came home drunk, yelling at her mother when he found out she had cheated.”

Selection from scene 1:

I don’t pick my head up, but I raise my eyes slowly looking up at her.


“Where is your brother?” She is starting to get louder.

The brightly lit kitchen is reflecting off of her glasses. Her burned orange curly hair makes it hard to see her face. The sound of the sizzling of the chicken combined with the smell of buttered mix vegetables, I could almost understand the words my stomach was telling me.

Selection from scene 1:

I looked ahead to see my brother. Seeing his hunched over figure struggling up the stairs. He gave off a cool vibe, it almost sent goose bumps down my spine. I passed the hole in the wall, it instantly took me back to 3 months ago.

– D. T.

“Katie and Jenna are going to one of the most haunted houses in the world. Katie is very afraid, but Jenna tries to help with the fear. Katie wants to leave, but its already too late.”

Selection from scene 1:

“How could I possibly act like I’m not scared when I’m nearly shitting my pants!?” Katie yells.

“Stop being a drama queen, Katie! You’re scaring the little kids in the line!” She yells in a whisper while looking at the people staring at them.

“Sorry everyone,” she says to the crowd, “go on with your lives now.”
30 minutes later of Jenna trying to calm down Katie, they reach the front of the line.

“Two tickets for two please?!”

“That’ll be $40.”

Jenna and Katie handed him $20 each.

– T. T.

“A 17 year old girl is living alone so the police picked her up to live with her mom after her father passed. She initially doesn’t want to be with her alcoholic mother, but when she meets her again she realizes that her mother has changed for the better and wants to live with her boozy mother.”

Selection from scene 1:

The smell of cigars and Doritos burn my nose as I sit in the back of the police car. I put my nose in my jacket to get rid of the horrific smell touching my nose.

“Something wrong?” He said.

“Yes, it smells like a cow shit and mustard.” I responded.

They laugh in unison.

“Outspoken little lady aren’t  you?” He says.

I roll my eyes. I really don’t have time for their shenanigans.

“My name is Officer Black and this is Officer White,” he says.

“Cool.” I say in a sarcastic tone.

The car pulls up to the police station. The engine stops and both of the officers get out. Officer Black opens the door for me and I get out. I’m so relieved to smell fresh air. He opens the trunk and hands me my suitcase. We walk to the entrance and I follow them.

“Sit here,” White says.

I sit down in a small, but well organized office. the smell of fresh hazelnut coffee makes my mouth water.

– J. B.

“Jermeshea’s story is the narration of a famous singer name Jade Bell, living her life of fame being incredibly awesome to her fans. Jade is very positive throughout the whole story. She turns down an argument with someone on the phone in order to take Instagram  pictures with fans. The question I have is, What’s the trouble of taking pictures? I understand paparazzi causing controversy, but it’s not all that clear from this paragraph. It’s probably my opinion because I don’t know much of the life of singers. Everything else in the story is well detailed and gives good imagery. Good Job Jermeshea.”

Selection from scene 1:

As I made my way towards the bus a group of girls started to cry, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I called on my assistant and asked if she could give me one of my purses. I signed and personally gave it to the little that was crying.

“Thank you, thanks.” She began to scream at the top of her lungs.

Selection from scene 3:

I said calmly as I could, “I don’t wanna hear that.” As he began to raise his voice.

I couldn’t put up with the yelling so I hung up on him and he didn’t reply to his text messages.

– J.G.

“An 18 year old boy is about to graduate and leave for college. His father has been missing from his life for 15 years. His mother and father are getting back together without his knowledge. His mother invited his father to a special event and things begin to fall apart. As time goes on, the son realizes his mistake and makes amends with everyone he has hurt over time.”

Selection from scene 1:

“I thought she was going to tell you I was coming.” His father said after walking through the door.

“What are you doing here?” Dante asked.

This is the first time Dante has seen his father in 15 years. He wants nothing to do with him, but now he has to.

“Your mother didn’t tell you she invited me,” his father said. “What? I cant be here son? I’m your father.” He added.

“Father? Last time I checked, a father was suppose to be around.” Dante said.

“Son, I would have loved to be around it’s just… ” He responded  before Dante interrupted him yelling.

“Just what? Just you wasn’t ready for a child yet, yeah I heard all before, it’s all bullshit.” Dante said.

“Now you watch your mouth.” I said while walking over to him. “I don’t care how mad or whatever you are at him, he is still your father,” I continued.

“He aint no father of mine.” He said as he stormed past all of us and walked into the living room.

“Dante please just calm down.” Jaree said to Dante.

“Nah man forget all of that, he been gone out my life for 15 years now. All of sudden he wanna pop up like everything cool, nah I aint with it.” Dante said.

His father walked over to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

“Listen son, you need to calm down. All I want to do is make this up to you.”

“Make what up?” Dante said as he smacked his hand off of his shoulder. “Make up the fact that you are just another stereotype, another dead beat, cause if that’s what you want to say, I don’t wanna hear it man, keep it to yourself.” Dante said while pushing his father to try to get around him.

His father grabbed his arm and pulled him back, “Dante, just tell me what you want.” His father said.

“I want to know why – why did you leave? Tell me why you let, tell me why the hell you left me and my mother!” Dante yelled while pushing his father off of him again.

“Dante, I wasn’t ready.” His father said.

“Well sire, you wasn’t ready then, I’m not ready now.” Dante said while walking to the door and opening it, “Get out!” He continued.

“Dante listen.” His father said while walking towards him.

“Dante listen nothing, I’m tired of you and I’m tired of your excuses. You aint nothing, you aint worth nothing.” Dante yelled while getting in his fathers face.

“Get out my face, Dante.” His father said.

“And if I don’t?” Dante said while getting closer.

“I said get out of my face.” His father said while pushing him down to the ground.

Dante got back up and hit his father across the face. They went back and forth fighting, throwing punches and cursing at each other. They went back and forth yelling.

– D.H.

*No summary has been prepared for this short story:

Selection from scene 1:

My mind went black and I couldn’t really see what exactly happened next but I felt as if I was being dragged on the ground. I could feel that my legs were being pulled and I could feel the rest of my body sliding across the snow covered grass. Realizing that I was being taken somewhere I began to fight. I flailed my legs and arms to try and break free of the hold they had on me. When I began to scream my head received another huge blow with the rock from their pocket or whatever it was. They ripped my jacket off and threw it and with my shirt they tied my hands so that I couldn’t defend myself and my jacket it in my mouth like a choker so that I couldn’t scream for help. I remember getting really cold with nothing on my back to protect me from the snow. They began to pull me again and I had nothing in me to fight anymore. I closed my eyes. When I opened them again they were on top of me. I tried to stop it but my power was nothing compared to the monster on top of me. It all felt so real, like I was reliving the experience. Thats when I saw his face right in front of mine.

“Lauren, sweetie! Its ok. You are safe and you are still in the hospital!” My mom screamed trying to get me to relax.

I opened my eyes and realized three nurses and my mom were all holding my arms and feet down. They said I was going crazy and wouldn’t stop flailing my body and saying, “stop, stop, stop!” The doctors warned me about this when I remembered. I must have been pushed back into defense mode when I saw his face in my dream.   

Still out of breath from my vivid dream I yelled,  “Give me the phone!” I grabbed the post it note that the investigator left with his number on it and dialed as fast I could. Four rings went by before he picked up.

“This is detective Martinez.”

“I remember.”


 To be continued.

– J.B.



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