What Makes A Good Short Story?

Power of Words“Good short stories include three simple parts: sentences, conflicts and scenes. These parts should develop characters, relationships, plot, and a backstory. A good short story should be filled with images that fill the mind while someone is reading, so it creates many angles and becomes like a movie in the reader’s head. Along with the images, a good short story should include dynamic dialogue between characters that show their feelings, desires and motivation through subtext.”


“A good story in general has conflict and good dialogue. In this short story unit, I have learned that you need to do five things. One being that you need to draw out that problem. Second, consider polarity. Next, you tighten up the time, pick a place, then create good dialogue.”


“What makes a good story is a problem holding somebody’s attention throughout the whole story.”


“What makes a good short story good is great dialogue and good tension and conflict. Also a great ending and a cliffhanger.”


“What makes a good short story? A good topic and story line, a rising conflict, and resolution, or turn. A story is never good without a conflict because then it is boring and no one wants to read it. At the end of your story, if you don’t want to resolve the situation you should do a turn — good or bad — your decision.”


“Writing a short story can be way easier than you would expect. I use an idea I have and create different images that I think are interesting. I then think about how my scenes could change and then, how I can create dialogue between characters. I put my ideas together and have a rough draft. After a classmate revises it, I make my final draft.”


“What makes a good short story is making good scenes and focusing on your mind’s eye. With good scenes, you need to have each sentence to add action to the tension of the story. Good scenes help bring tensions to make the reader want to read more. Your mind’s eyes are also very important to express your imagery in the scenes. Showing the reader want the scenery looks like, the character’s features and more.”


“A good short story is full of great images. It start off with a conflict. In a short story you should want a desire. Having obstacles, somethings that get in the way.”



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