Narrative Poem

“A narrative poem is a poem that contains conflict. The 3 essential ingredients to a narrative poem is time, place, and actions. Writing a narrative poem can be a bit challenging because it can get difficult to keep the conflict going.”

– Z.D

An example of a narrative poem is: “Buying Wine” by Sebastian Matthews.

When you’re young, you make stupid choices

picking her was easy, it was leaving the rest along that was hard

It’s hard to try and fit in, but also be so big that you cant

even fit through the rails.

As me and you went up it felt like everything else started to

go down, we didn’t see that we were breaking each other so I

guess you can just say we were blind to the fact.

The fact that I wasn’t good for you and you obviously

weren’t good for me, honestly I mean looking how we ended

fighting from start to ending

I give up you win take all that you want.

I’m going to move on and sing a different song


“Playing  Piano”

Electric keyboard or beautiful,

shiny grand, as long as it has

88 keys and a damper pedal, I’m

ready to soar.

Delicate fingers float across the ivory keys, songs of love and

power fill the room.

Family and friends gather around

and listen intently, dreading the end of every piece.

Instrumental of power, the piano

can out do every instrument with

It’s beauty.

In a concert hall, it shimmers it

the spotlight gleaming on the

giant stage, awaiting someone to

accompany it on the stool in front.

It longs to be touched and

pressed lightly. It needs to be

with someone of skill. It yearns

to feel the lingering echo of it’s

strings inside plucking away.

And when you’re away, it

waits for your return. Collecting

dust, it waits for days and maybe

months, but you never return.

It remembers your warm, your fingers running delicately across

the ivory keys and echo that once filled the room.

You remember too.



I smell the cedar, i’m resting on

the sound of hooves hit the

muted ground

They’re incapable of finding me

within the labyrinth of wheat

I can’t breathe

even though the air is clear

I want to run back, and pretend as if

this isn’t happening

but I can’t

I’m not

My hands carefully graze the

damp soil

closing my eyes, I picture myself

stroking my mothers short

red mane

the breeze hits my legs

reminding me of my father’s

soft fabrics

the horses stop

I open my eyes into darkness

the stars fall as I walk

into a unknown direction leaning.



I wake up everyday still expecting you.

Expecting to see your face.

Expecting to smell your smell.

Expecting to taste your taste.

I go to sleep wanting to forget you.

Forget to feel your hurt.

Forget to feel your pain.

Forget to feel your loss.

You say that you feel bad. Feel sorry.

Sorry for “Leading you on.”

Sorry for hurting me.,

Sorry that you are not truly sorry.

But it’s now time for me to say goodbye.

Goodbye to those fake blue eyes.

Goodbye to your infectious smile.

Goodbye to the sorry’s that are not sorry.



 “Ice Cream”

Mom bought Ice Cream

Yummy in my Tummy

Creeps in the kitchen

“BOOM!” Got caught

“SWISH!” I got snatched

“WIMP, WIMP!” Tears roll down my face,

but being snatched, was worth the taste.


 Late Friday nights

suppose to be the nights

I be all booed and cuddled

up with my girl, but her

parent’s just ain’t getting it.

Yeah, I’m Chris and I’ve made

a lot of bad choices in my past

but, I’m a changed man.

My girl Justine means the world

to me I would never let anything

become between us. Not even her


Walking down Clay Ave

to release my anger

I walked up to the

corner and thought

for a moment

pacing myself I can’t

let this happen.

I went to get things

fired up at her house

I want her parents

to see how I really feel.


I love you.

She love you too.

But whats sad, you and I will never

equal two.

You choose to divide her legs

which lead you to cheat and

forget your relationship you once had

with me. You say you need me, I need

you too. But where were you when I was

waiting up night and day for you.

Don’t beg me stay cause I’m still

walking away. I’m tired of yo’

bullshit. And that’s why today

is our last goodbye day.

No more.



Once upon a time

there was a knight

who guarded the princess

everyday, every night

They were best of friend’s

but secretly he had a crush

he would take his time to tell her

because he was too scared to rush

but one day a dragon came

and took her by surprise

he saw the fear in her  face

as he looked her in the eye’s

The dragon took her to his lair

which sat on the mountain

the knight suited up grabbed his sword

and got some water from a fountain

7 days and 7 nights

he traveled for her love

he didn’t think, didn’t as question

he did it just because.

He made it to the mountain top
and pulled the sword off his belt

he looked the princess in the eye’s

and told her how he felt

to his surprise, and his demise

she said “let’s just be friends”

he turned around and with no sound

he left her to die.

The end


Soaked with sweat I feel the pulse of my

heart all through my body

I push on but with every lap I’m more exhausted

I am past my breaking point

with every punch my fist heavy

as dumbbells

with every kick I feel my muscles


My trainer pushes me to do drills

drills that makes my body crumble under

the pressure

This is my chance

the moment that I use my mind

to prove it’s over matter

I want to be a champion


“Over Problem”

I struggled with anger

As I twist the knob of the ancient dead over

I turn to look at my co-worker, Josh with glasses

He has worked in the stained kitchen all summer

he should know how to start this stupid oven

time was running out the door

Josh tried and tired

the dead oven laid silent

I radio Kevin

Maybe he can turn the oven on

Kevin and I both on the floor next to the dead oven

trying to think creatively

then an idea hit with wide eyes

the intern house

As I sat in the car with the hot steaming water and raw rice

the water jumped

my leg sting

only for a little while

The intern house, I ran over to the young oven

the young oven us alive

yet minutes flew by

with raw rice so still

I frowned, seeing it not ready

with a worried face, I thought hard and long

because I was 30 minutes late for dinner

with a team impatiently waiting

I had an idea and popped open the oven

with oven mittens, I sat the rice next to dinner

ready to be served.



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